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How to maintain the induction door

  • Time:2022-12-23
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  • Clean the oil and dust inside the chassis. Check the wear of the components of the automatic induction door, check the automatic door support deviation and screw tightness, check the tightness of the belt, check the controller to the motor output, opening and closing width, speed, braking and so on. Check whether the voltage parameters are normal, repair, replace the damaged parts, the owner also need to pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of automatic door, automatic door due to the impact of the installation quality and the use of the environment, the use of problems will inevitably occur.

    If the long-term lack of maintenance, resulting in automatic door hidden dangers and glitches are not dealt with in a timely manner, will be from a glitch into a major failure, may lead to the paralysis of the automatic door, and rimless automatic induction door company after construction requires Party A in the process of use as far as possible on the door labeling, to prevent people do not pay attention to encounter personal injury.

    The daily maintenance of the induction door is very important, I hope all the users must pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance.


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