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Automatic door main components

  • Time:2022-12-23
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  • Automatic door is mainly composed of automatic door body, machine head, controller three parts.

    1, automatic door body: Automatic door body is composed of large frame, cross support, shaft (fixed shaft, sliding shaft) and automatic door body wheel and other main components. The whole automatic door body is of metal structure. According to the material, it is divided into stainless steel door body, aluminum alloy door body and die-cast aluminum door body.

    2, the head: composed of the driver and the electrical part, it is fixed in the automatic door body at one end, driving the door body telescopic movement, with the automatic door body matching use. The driver is divided into ordinary line type, luxury full remote control type and intelligent robot trackless type.

    3. Controller: composed of control box, desktop controller and handle remote control.


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