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What is the advantage of rimless glass automatic door? Complete automatic door function is the key!

  • Time:2022-12-23
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  • Automatic door manufacturers think automatic doors have become more and more popular. Many shopping malls and hotels will choose automatic doors to enhance the image of the company. The function of an ordinary door is mainly to enter and exit. In addition, the automatic door also has the following basic functions:

    Enhance the beautification effect of the building. Automatic door manufacturers believe that ordinary doors are often single in form and structure, low selectivity and unified style. However, automatic doors are widely used in new design, new decorative materials and new processing technology, so that it is more coordinated and matched with the building structure, enhance the decoration and beautification function of the building.

    Improve sealing performance and save energy. Automatic door manufacturers believe that the automatic revolving door no matter where the rotation will open to the outside, closed to the inside. Therefore, automatic doors can reduce heat loss, reduce dust intrusion, and increase air tightness. In this case, energy can also be saved.

    The operation was healthy and reliable. Automatic door manufacturers believe that the automatic door switch has realized mechanization and automation, realized the motor drive, greatly reducing the labor intensity and traffic efficiency of personnel in and out. Automatic door using advanced control technology and safety measures, so that pedestrians in and out of the automatic door more safe and reliable.

    Automatic doors are often used in some large shopping centers, restaurants and other places. Many people do not know how to properly use the escape lock of an automatic door. Escape lock, namely emergency escape lock, also known as fire escape lock, is a kind of escape equipment.


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