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What is the signal source of the widely used induction door?

  • Time:2022-12-23
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  • The induction door automatically opens when any person or object approaches. How does the door recognize people or objects, and what is its principle? In fact, the opening signal of the induction door is the contact signal. Microwave radar and infrared sensor are two commonly used signal sources. Microwave radar is a response to the position of objects, so it is suitable for people with fast reaction speed and normal walking speed to pass through. Its feature is that once the person near the door does not want to go out, motionless, the radar will not respond, the automatic door will be blocked, for the door to play a maintenance role.

    The infrared sensor stops the response object. Whether the person is moving or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will respond and send a contact signal. The flaw applies where the infrared sensor is slow to respond and therefore act slowly.

    In addition, if the gate takes too long to receive the contact signal, the controller may cause obstacles to the signal input system. In addition, even if the automatic moving door is opened for too long, it can be harmful to electrical components. Microwave radars and infrared sensors don't know if people near automatic doors can actually get in, so some places tend to use key switches.

    The key switch is a capacitive button called the elbow touch switch. The elbow touch switch is very useful and can be operated with the elbow. There are also foot switches, but high waterproof requirements, foot force, foot switch simple invalid. In addition, there is a handle that provides contact signals for the gantry crane when the handle is pushed into place (or pulled in the opposite direction).


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