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Automatic door manufacturers talk about the basic knowledge of automatic doors

  • Time:2022-12-23
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  • A. Why do modernist buildings mainly use automatic doors

    Automatic doors can not only decorate the natural environment of the entrance and exit, but also provide environmental protection and energy saving (central air conditioning), pollution prevention and control, noise isolation and other services

    B. Difficulties affecting automatic door users' confidence

    Many consumers worry that the failure rate of automatic door equipment is very high, once abnormal operation can not be repaired. And when repairs are needed, the cost is relatively high. In fact, this is a misconception. Just choose a manufacturer to make automatic door machines and equipment that will last much longer than ordinary ground springs and electric plug locks. Its design concept is based on a crowded and frequently started site, so it has good durability and easy maintenance.

    C, the need to pay attention to the purchase of automatic doors

    (General quality Assurance Specification for distribution, enterprise size, spot trading, automatic doors: Part of electronic equipment within one year)

    When buying automatic doors, they are made by professional manufacturers. If possible, you can find out about the relevant manufacturer's materials. For example, the manufacturer's corporate background, overall strength, market share, warranty period, warranty coverage, and the ability and address of the quality assurance professional organization. At the time of purchase, you should purchase at the manufacturer's designated distribution point or the store where you trade on site, and make sure you understand the basic configuration and functions of the imported equipment.


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