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Have you found any dark technologies in your life?

  • Time:2022-12-23
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  • Black technology into smart living products, they use the trend of automation, greatly liberated people's hands, such as electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush using acoustic vibration technology, bristles swinging amplitude is very small, can be very effective to clean people's mouth, and its cleaning effect is very good, just need to charge it, can be fast and clean mouth.

    There are many other products that can replace hands to improve the quality of life, such as cleaning robots, air evolutors, dishwashers and so on. With the continuous development of social economy, mobile communication and network in modern life are relying on electronic technology to change human life, which not only promotes the improvement of people's life quality, but also expands the scope of people's understanding of the world, so that human life has been earth-shaking changes.

    In the automatic door industry, but also with the development of the network to promote automatic doors also keep up with the development of the environment. Sichuan wood automatic door can adapt to customer requirements to improve remote control services, according to the use of demand, scope of application and so on, the use of the Internet, LAN, Bluetooth and other control methods.


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